Two weeks into new life style

Two weeks later, I get a chance to update, no internet and then the big move from a house to an apartment.

First week was difficult as my body had to adjust to the new life style and the second week did not go much easer, mainly due to a big move from a house to an apartment, and not always having the correct food available and then to add to the situation a move, which is stressful for most, but then add parkinson’s to it, you can’t carry boxes, you get tired after trying to pack or unpack and then adjust to new surroundings.

I have found the diet not to be too difficult, only thing I am not big on vegetables and green ones are my worst. But the plus side I managed  to loose a couple of Kg.

The Diet: The diet is not too bad, I have had rice and a few gluten free products, but the most difficult is keeping away from the sweet things. My version of it as follows, I have stuck to 3 cups green vegetables and 3 of my choice, but the red I substituted for fruit. I have my coffee and natural tea, and I do have watered down fresh fruit juice. 

How do I feel, I know two weeks is too early for any big change. I still need my rollator to walk and the fluctuations in my medication are still on a roller coaster ride, extreme up and down and the good effect only half an hour. I have noticed that my over movement is more extreme. But then the stress of the big move could also be having a play on everything.

But I do feel healthier for it and we start week three, more relaxed and more settled in the new apartment, which has made a huge difference to our lives, no more stairs to try negotiate, bathroom that has been adjusted to help me, and everything on one level floor. 

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