Learning New Tricks

The last ten weeks have been difficult for me, having to get to grips with new symptoms that I had not encountered before:

Cloud in my head feeling – best way to describe the feeling, my body was here but there was no-one-home.
To write an email took enormous concentration  and it would take 20 min to do one sentence and after that I would need to rest.
I would get confused doing simple tasks, start one thing, not finnish and start something else.
Everything I did required a huge amount of effort and found my self sleeping most of the day.

Freezing – freezing with walking used to happen every now and then, but lately it was happening more often, but worst of all it was happening to my speech, volume was down, mouth not moving so everything soft and unclear and it was like the dictionary was not opening on the correct page, was not finding the word, so I would just stare into space with my mouth open and wait for the words to come.

I started a rehabilitation program run by Sophia Revalidatie, and they have a team of specialists who
look after you, depending on your needs.

Guidelines for Occupational Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease  Rehabilitation 

© 2011 ParkinsonNet/National Parkinson Foundation (NPF)

I now walk better  thanks to physiotherapy, where they taught me cueing, how to get out of narrow spaces and turning and how to get out of freezing.
One thing that hit home, we can control parkinson’s, as everything you want to do, just think about it. as the automatic pilot no longer works, the downside is you not very social whilst performing your tasks.

My speech has also improved and it’s louder and clearer and the freezing is happening less. By practicing, days of the week, months of  the year  in a low and loud voice and items in and around the house.

It is quite an intense program taking a couple of weeks, but totally worth it

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