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We all like to travel, but I found it so difficult, I was not able to lift my suitcase and became stiff after an hour, just recently I flew to Kenya and this was made possible by my Sister and her Husband as they paid for a business class ticket and we found out that there is so much assistance at airports and people are willing to help you – these are a few points that helped me.

1)  Pack all medication and an ID card stating that you have   Parkinson’s. You will need it for going through airport security, to avoid going through airport scanners if you had DBS.

2) Book a business class flight and limit you hand luggage to one bag and very light.

3) Book airport assistance and inform them of your needs.

4) If you take a long trip, the person with Parkinson’s should rest on the day before leaving and the day after arriving. I normally need two days to feel normal again.

5) Find out which hospital deals with Parkinsons and get a specialist recommendation from your doctor and make a list of all your medication and specialist name and telephone number.

6)  Check your medical insurance for coverage in the event medical treatment is needed.

7)   Pace the itinerary so you dont get overtired and immobile. It is a good idea to plan no more than one or two special events each day. Don’t start the days too early. Allow extra time for dressing, eating, and walking in unfamiliar settings.

8) Consider travel adventures closer to home. Exotic foreign destinations often come with numerous challenges for persons with gait and balance problems. Choose flights no longer than 3 hours. Allow a full day each way just for getting there and getting home.

Assistance for people with disabilities

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the most accessible airports. This is why we offer a range of services designed to make your visit to the airport as enjoyable as possible. Wheelchairs are free of charge and we can also provide any assistance you may need. We have also installed hearing loops to make the announcements on our public address system easier to hear.

Free wheelchairs
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol needs to be easily accessible to everyone, which is why we provide free wheelchairs. You will find the yellow Schiphol wheelchairs in Parking Garages P1 and P2 and at Schiphol Plaza. To use a chair all you need is a two-Euro coin, which will be returned when you bring back the chair.

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