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 Our Foundation started with a main objective:
Help Parkinson’s Patients around the world.

Jerry, born in South Africa, moved to Holland mainly looking for treatment for himself, having first being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 39, a shock at first to anyone so young as this is a disease traditionally thought of for older people.

JvGAround the world, over four million people suffer from Parkinson’s disease. For patients and people dealing with parkinson’s it is difficult to understand the illness. Our main objective is to help and support patients and people dealing with parkinson’s around the world.

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Our mission at Parkinson On The Move Foundation is to promote public awareness: Through social media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blog; Newsletters, email and printed media; Articles in printed media on new developments; Promote awareness that is taking place in different regions through a calendar of events; Seminars with international guest speakers

How we started

My wife Virginia and I dreamt of starting a Foundation that could assist people having Parkinson’s and who don’t have the same opportunities in care available to them.  I have had Parkinson’s for 10 years, having first being diagnosed with it at the age of 39, a shock at first to anyone so young as this is a disease traditionally thought of for older people.

I have been lucky enough to live in The Netherlands where access to good care and medicine and wealth of knowledge, has assisted greatly to make my life and dealing with Parkinson’s a little easier.
There are however many people around the world who must struggle daily with Parkinson’s as they don’t have the same treatments and knowledge available to them.

Often the broader public, and some times even the clinician profession, doesn’t have a true understanding of what it is really like to live with Parkinsons, for older but especially also younger patients.  Outside of medicine and potential surgery available to a select few, it can be the smaller things together with better knowledge and understanding that can help greatly, both for the Parkinson’s patient themselves and for the family and friends around them.

As a family we have all had to learn what it is like to deal with this disease. We have all learnt many things, faced many hardships and misunderstandings, but have also come together through these experiences and helped each other to grow in so many ways. In starting this Foundation we hope to bring together my experiences personally with dealing with this disease, but also collectively, in the hope that others may benefits from our experiences and insights as a family, and that we may find new ways in which to help make life a little easier for others, by sharing our knowledge and finding new ways better and more practically assist others.

Board Member: Jerry van Gessel – Chairman & Virginia van Gessel – Secretary
Treasurer: Kees Punt


Stichting Parkinson’s On The Move
Treasurer – Kees Punt

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The conditions for successful income tax deduction (source: www.belastingdienst.nl) are as follows:
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The donation has to be laid down in a agreement of periodic gift;
The donation has to made as fixed periodic payments ceasing at the latest upon the donor’s death
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The donor receives nothing in exchange for the donation;
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