About Parkinson’s

“I found that this Parkinson’s does slow you down,
whether you want to slow down or not.”

Billy Graham


Parkinson’s is more than just a shaking hand, that is only one of the symtoms we as parkinson’s disease sufferers have to deal with.

pksParkinson’s disease a disabling neurological condition. It was first described by James Parkinson, a British physician in 1817. It is a daily struggle of more than 6 million individuals around the world. About 100,000 Canadians and more than one million American people are affected with this disabling condition. Although most people affected are over the age of 55 years, it has been known to occur in young individuals as well.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease and involves the loss of brain cells capable of producing dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical substance involved in the transmission of signals between the nerves in certain parts of our brain. Dopamine helps facilitate the movements, the deficiency of which results in slowness of the movements of our body which is one of the cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s. Although Parkinson’s may be a complex disease with many implications on one’s life, it can be managed well with medications, proper advice and support. There is not a cure for Parkinson’s yet but one can live with the disease for years.

Our mission at Parkinson On The Move Foundation is to promote public awareness: Through social media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blog; Newsletters, email and printed media; Articles in printed media on new developments; Promote awareness that is taking place in different regions through a calendar of events; Seminars with international guest speakers.

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