Projects we are involved in for 2016

Projects we are involved in for 2016

  1. Participate at  the  Annual Patient Adherence and Engagement

    1. In February, Jerry will be a guest speaker at the  Annual Patient Adherence and Engagement, organized by Fleming. We are really grateful for the invitation and opportunity to speak.
  2. Make the website easier to manage

    Unfortunately we have to deal with the fact that Parkinson’s is a degenerative illness. For this reason, we want to relaunch the website using an easier plataform.

  3. A Revolutionary concept in treating Parkinson’s disease walking difficulties.

    • Easy to use
    • Improve mobility and confidence
    • A few minutes daily practice can lead to improved walking, balance and freedom from freezingIt’s a training device – not something to walk around with daily. A residual effect, increases the more you practice. The residual effect is different from person to person.Unfortunately this device is not affordable for most people and establishments. We would like to make this available to hospitals and clinics dealing with Parkinson’s and this way Parkinson’s patients would benefit.In 2015 we would like to be able to donate two GaitAids for a hospital in The Netherlands who deal with Parkinson’s, and in 2016 continue this project with four glasses for at least two instituitions.
  4. Parkinson’s Workshop

    During the year we would like to run a series of worshops for Parkinson’s patients and those dealing with Parkinson’s.
    Dance for Parkinson’s or Art Therapy for Parkinson’s
    Many people with Parkinson’s experiences improvement of their symptoms when taking part in creative activity or exercise, we feel that these workshops would be of benefit to them.
    Often Parkinson’s patients and caregiver don’t realise there is a fun side to Parkinson’s and these workshop are aimed at showing you even though you have Parkinson’s there are still things you can enjoy.

  5. Books To Be Translated

We have a series of books donated by Parkinson’s UK, explaning Parkinson’s to childrens. These books are aimed at children aged between 3 and 7 (who have a parent or grandparent with Parkinson’s).

– My Dad has Parkinson’s – My Mom has Parkinson’s – My Gran has Parkinson’s – My Grandad has Parkinson’s –

We would like to have it translated into dutch, making it avaible to patients and people dealing with Parkinson’s in the Netherlands.

Click here to download the pdf of the book.

How it developed:

  • In February, Jerry was a guest speaker at the  Annual Patient Adherence and Engagement , organized by Fleming. We are really grateful for the invitation and opportunity to speak.
  • Around March, we donated two pairs of glasses! One to Dr. Gerrits, a Parkinson’s specialist attending at Bronovo Hospital in The Hague, and the other pair to Dr. Radjen Jagdewsing one physiotherapist in The Hague.
  • November, we launched a new website using wordpress plataform.
  • We also received many messages through our facebook page and by e-mail, and Jerry did his best to attend and answer each contact. Thanks for all!

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