The Experiment Day 18 September 2015

The starting point, the experiment begins:

Firstly had to go buy products I need for this new life style, so off to local green grocer, bought all the greens and reds, and it was a difficult choice as the fruit looked amazing.

Next was writing down how I feel now, so to compare it to what I feel like in a weeks time:

My Parkinson’s

This morning felt stiff and it took about 5 min to get out of the bed, standing was difficult and so was walking

Walked the dog, but with my rollator

Speech difficult when off

The day too erratic – spend a short time on, but the rest of day off

Plenty of over movement

Muscles and joints very painful

Finding everything very exhausting

The healthy eating

Rooibos tea with teaspoon honey

Smoothy for breakfast

Rice and 2 cups greens  for lunch

3 cups reds, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries ate through course of day

Gluten free pasta with 2 cups vegetable of choice

Plenty of water


Bike ride, lasted an hr in total

Walked half an hr

Friday 25th will be the next update:

  • Is it making a difference
  • Any noticeable change
  • Is the diet difficult to follow
  • exercise


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