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I will start this blog with tips and memories from over the 10 years, thing I found difficult and have been taught over the years and with things that help me on a daily basis.

Turning Over In Bed
One of the most difficult tasks that I had to deal with was turning over at night  a simple normal routine became difficult. As my body got stiffer I had to  try turn a 2 meter frame from left to right. The tip I got for this was.
3 stages:
1 Bend your knees up with feet flat.
2 Allow knees to fall to one side as you begin to roll.
3Turn your head in the direction you are rolling and reach top arm across the body.

Getting out of Bed

At a PHD conference someone said the best thing they ever did was get a good bed, with Martyn’s and Babette’s help I was able to get a fantastic bed. It was high, with firm mattress and a push of a button it would move into a position that made it much easer to get out of bed.
For those with a standard bed.
1. Place blocks under the legs of the head of the bed. This will elevate the head of the bed, & make it easier for you to sit up and swing the legs off the bed.

2. A knotted rope tied to the foot of the bed can help you to pull yourself up.

3. To get to a sitting position, shift the body down and rock yourself by vigorously, throwing your arms and legs toward the side of the bed.

4. Lean forward, place your hands on bed and stand

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